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Y OINOMELON Silver® 9% 500ml / Glass Bottle


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Y Oinomelon® 9% Silver is an excellent evening drink option that will surely give you a wonderful delicious experience. As is rightly said, a good drink should be enjoyed with good company. Exactly also applies to the case of Y Oinomelon ® 9% Silver. Choose to enjoy it with loved ones nearby you people and you will surely have an unforgettable night. The product comes in a beautiful 500ml glass bottle, which makes it a perfect choice for a gift to your people. Whether you choose it for a formal reception, a gift to your loved ones or even to enjoy at home, the Y Oinomelon ® 7% Bronze will surely leave you 100% satisfied. Try it today and we guarantee a unique tasting experience.

For the ultimate tasting experience, Y Oinomelon® 9% Silver should be served cold at 10-12 degrees Celsius with a 2.5 Ice Ice Ball and in a crystal clear, Old-Fashioned glass. The wonderful tasting experience combined with the absence of sugar from its connection offers that one can look for a good drink. Available in a 500ml glass bottle with cork stopper, which makes it a great gift for any occasion. Try Y Oinomelon ® 9% Silver and we guarantee a delicious experience that you have definitely not tried before.


It gets cool

between 10-12 ° C

100% Greek product

No added sugar

It is served

Strictly on

crystal glass of flute



It contains sulfur

Store in a cool and shady place, 100% satisfied.

* Registered in accordance with the Madrid Protocol
EUIPO No 015602782