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The Alexander handmade mills are characterized by high quality and

functionality. For the last 15 years the company has taken the first place on

preferences of professionals and home marketers.

The size as well as the 100% metal grinder mechanism are the advantages that give it

I made it stand out.

 Alexander mills unlike other mills that have a mechanism

23mm in diameter, are equipped with various sizes of 100% metal mechanisms depending on

their size.

The milling is done in three stages:

1) phase, grab the beans and break them in the middle

2) the phase cuts them into smaller pieces

3) phase, sends them to small teeth and grinds them to the selected thickness.

All pepper and coffee mills have a bottom mechanism

thickness selection of the grind. Coffee mills are ideal for grinding filter coffee

(French coffee, espresso, cappuccino, etc.)

The salt grinding machines have a diameter of 38mm and are also equipped

with 3DCut technology and are made of stainless steel and very tough

polyamide (30% glass).

In Greece you can find them under the name Alexander, and abroad with

Alexander, Atlas and Karyatis.

The rugged construction, the high quality of the materials used, the finish and

the appearance put Alexander's mills in 1st place in their preferences

consumers with a constant presence in the top two sales positions.

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